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The president is missing
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  • The president is missing
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • engelsk S/K
  • 2018
  • 978-1-780-89840-7
  • 1/1
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*008180531s2018           ar         10eng 9
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*020  $a978-1-780-89840-7$bh.
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*10010$aClinton, Bill$d1946-$jUS$0(NO-TrBIB)90706336$8m
*24514$aThe president is missing$cBill Clinton & James Patterson
*260  $aLondon$bCentury$c2018
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*651  $aUSA$2Bokbasen AS$9nob
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*70010$aPatterson, James$d1947-$emedforf.$jam.
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***US TV DEAL ANNOUNCED*** There are things only a President can know. There are things only a President can do. And then there are times when the only option is unthinkable- The President Is Missing The thriller only a president could write.THE THRILLER ONLY A PRESIDENT COULD WRITE. Former President Bill Clinton and global thriller master James Patterson have joined forces to create the most anticipated book of 2018. The President is Missing. Amid an international crisis, the impossible has happened. A sitting U.S. President has disappeared. What follows is the most dramatic three days any president has ever faced - and maybe the most dramatic three days in American history. And it could all really happen. Full of details only a president could know, Bill Clinton and James Patterson have written the most authentic - and gripping - presidential thriller ever.

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